Lancashire Fire and Rescue

I just wanted to recognise the positive impact your actions have had.....

Dear Mr Calway


I am writing on behalf of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to express our sincere gratitude to your practice and staff for the compassionate actions following a recent tragic fire in the District. LFRS undertakes detailed investigations following all serious fires and it was during the routine course of one such investigation that a member of my team brought a number of matters to my attention;

On the 31st of October a house fire in Burnley tragically resulted in a local resident losing his life despite the best efforts of the Fire Service and Ambulance crews. The residents dog "Victor," was rescued from the fire by our staff and a family friend kindly gave him a home. The day after the fire Victor's health deteriorated and he was brought to Oakmount by the family friend.

Victor who is fifteen, required several items of medication and it is my understanding that his placed a significant financial and psychological burden on his new owner who, already mourning the loss of his friend, was apparently struggling to deal with this added implication.

Following a discussion with Incident Intelligence Officer concerning the wider circumstances it is my understanding that a member of your team arranged for the fees to be waived on this occasion. We recognise the financial challenges being faced by all businesses in the current climate and this just amplifies the generosity of the act.

Please be assured we will not promote this action as normal practice however I just wanted to recognise the positive impact your actions have had on a local Burnley resident and on our own staff who have all taken significant comfort from your team’s actions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if LFRS can be of service to you and your team at some future date.


Yours sincerely

Group Manager Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service