Dave Hartley

But from the bottom of our hearts "Thank You All".

Mr Paul Calway
Oakmount Veterinary Centre
Trafalgar Street
BB11 1TP 

22nd December 2011 



Dear Paul

A Huge Thank you to all your staff but in particular Jan Taylor who is an absolute Star!!!

I feel that I must write to you to thank you, Jan Taylor and all the staff at Oakmout Vets for the stunning work that you all do to help our little fury family members.

I brought Molly, our 10 year old Labrador retriever, to you about this time last year because it was becoming increasingly obvious that she was struggling to walk. As the weeks went by she appeared to be in constant discomfort, found it increasingly difficult to settle at night, she was off her food, her joints were becoming stiffer and, the one thing she loved more than anything, her daily walks, were clearly becoming more stressful and frustrating to her.

The state that she was in, I really didn't think that she would be with us this Christmas, and this harsh truth really upset myself and my family. But from the bottom of our hearts "Thank You All". Because the treatment and care that she has received from your practice and in particular Hydrotherapy Nurse Jan Taylor, has transformed her back to her old playful mischievous self.

As a Labrador owner, I know only too well just how important it is for her to be active, not just for her physical health but even more importantly her mental health. Mentally we all know that

Labradors never grow up and that when it comes to physical activity they think that they are still pups. Her obvious sign of Arthritis was clearly affecting her, not just physically, but you could see that the discomfort and the pain was clearly dampening her once lively a mischievous spirit.

Following x-rays it was obvious that she had the early stages of Arthritis. Fortunately it looked like we had caught it soon enough to start treating her with medication, to try to prevent the arthritis from spiralling out of control.

However, whilst the medication is good and clearly helps to relieve the pain, it became apparent that to assist the drugs she needed to build up her muscle mass which would help to support her joints. 


Hydrotherapy, I believe, is possibly one of the most underrated treatments around.

On a general visit to Oakmount, I asked for some details about the Hydrotherapy treatment that you offered and one of your Hydrotherapy nurses Jan Taylor went through the whole process with me. I immediately booked Molly on a course of Hydro and can honestly say that the results are absolutely outstanding. After only two sessions we could see the physical improvement in her mobility, but even more importantly her mental state improved so drastically.

On completion of her initial course of Hydro, I was so impressed with how effective this treatment had been, that I decided that I would continue the therapy, and now bring her once a week, to build on the benefits gained during her initial treatment.

Jan Taylor is an absolute star and looks after Molly as though she is one of her own dogs. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Jan and she definitely goes the extra mile. Before every Hydrotherapy session Jan gives her a thorough examination of her skin, joints and checks her for any physical abnormalities. One of the great things about Oakmount's facilities is that if anything crops up during the session there is always a Vet available to have a quick check and put your mind at ease.

Jan asked me if I would be happy to share some of the video footage that I captured during her Hydro sessions so that it could be shown on your website. I had absolutely no hesitation in saying yes. I firmly believe that had I realised how effective the results would have been then I would have started her Hydrotherapy sessions when it first became obvious that she had early symptoms of Arthritis.

A Huge thank you again, for all your support during 2011.

Kind regards Dave & Molly.