Beanie's Owners

I thank you and all of your wonderful staff for the consideration and empathy......

Dear Mr. Calway,

For several years we have brought our cats to the Oakmount Veterinary Centre for treatment, and have always been delighted with the kind, sensitive and thorough manner with which our pets have been treated.

In the last week our cat Beanie was diagnosed with kidney failure by Chelsea Kirkland, and we were extremely grateful for the sympathetic and compassionate handling of the diagnosis and the support Chelsea gave to us when we were deciding how to go forward.

Ultimately we decided to put an end to Beanie's suffering and last night we attended Oakmount to have Beanie put to sleep. We would sincerely like to say thank you and your staff for the warmth and thoughtfulness shown to us, and more importantly to Beanie, last night as her life was ended. The procedure was carried out with the utmost compassion, and the fears I had in regard to the pain Beanie may experience were allayed with care and kindness. We were attended by vet Kath Willis and veterinary nurse Sonia Billington, both of whom were exemplary in their treatment and handling of the situation. We were able to comfort Beanie until the very end, and I cannot tell you how much this meant to us.

May I thank you and all of your wonderful staff for the consideration and empathy shown to ourselves and Beanie throughout this terrible situation, it has meant the world to us as we said goodbye to our beloved pet.

Yours sincerely

Beanie's Owners